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Safe and Secure Online Data Storage
A Variety of Free Software Choices

Storing and backing up important files should be easy and reliable. While traditional solutions force the user into one software solution, World Wide Data offers a variety of software solutions all designed to fit the needs of our customers. Whether you want to use your web browser to access your files or want a more customary back-up program, or want an installed virtual drive, the choice is yours. You can even use your favorite ftp program. All our software works securely and reliably over our robust storage network.

And most importantly all of World Wide Data's software is free!

Freedom to use your current backup software program is also an option we give our customers. With the plethora of good commercial backup software available you may want to keep using it. But instead of backing up to a CD, DVD or the hard-drive on your computer, you can now have your software backup to the WWD remote storage network. All safely and securely. Here is a list of software vendors compatible with our storage network.

Web File Viewer

This web based application gives you control of your files from any Internet connected computer with a web browser. Login to your World Wide Data account and you can move, upload, download, delete, or view your stored files anytime and anywhere you choose.

WWD Backup Widget

World Wide Data's Backup Widget is a Windows based application that allows you to schedule backups, upload and download one or many files at once, create an organized structure to your stored files, and more.

FTP Software

We offer a utility called an FTP Proxy, which allows use to transfer files using your favorite FTP software. Just download and run our proxy utility. Most available FTP programs work with our proxy.

Mac OS solutions

We offer the FTP Proxy for the Mac also. It allows use to transfer files using your favorite Mac FTP software.

Linux and Unix based solutions

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