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  Mac inspired software!

Apple has always built computers to be innovative, high performance machines with brains and beauty. And likewise software for the Mac platform must follow suit. World Wide Data has two very simple yet powerful software tools for Mac users to team with an innovative and high performance data storage network.

First is our easy to use WWD Web Viewer, a web based application for uploading, downloading and manipulating your data files stored on the World Wide Data network. This app is compatible with nearly every browser including Safari, Firefox, Opera, Camino and others.

The second is our Mac FTP Proxy, a utility that easily installs and runs seemlessly with your favorite Mac FTP software. A tested and recommended list of Mac FTP software vendors is provided for your convenience. The proxy works with nearly every FTP program our Mac customers are using.

Another Mac inspired trait of our network is the high volume and size of data files stored with us. From image files to video and audio files, your realy only held back by the size of your own internet connection. Whether you just need to save documents less than a Megabyte or you have Terabytes of files to keep safe; your files are safe and secure on the World Wide Data storage network.

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