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Safe and Secure Online Data Storage
Online Data Storage and Backup is what we do!

Here at World Wide Data we have developed a solution to the tedious task of keeping data backed up and easily available. Our service is built on a secure framework of storage nodes here in the United States and offshore in Hong Kong, Taiwan and London, England. With a 99.9% Service Level Agreement you can rely on us to keep your critical data safe and secure at our world class data centers.

Backupskept at the same location as your live files does not protect them from various accidents or problems that could mean the permanent loss of your data. Fire, flood, burglaries, natural disasters, power outages or surges, hard disk failure, and server problems happen everyday and can unexpectedly happen to you. This use of remote data storage is the ideal way to insure your important data is not lost.

Ease of use is a further advantage of World Wide Data's online storage. Eliminate the usual clutter and storage space needed to keep your removable storage media. The hassle of burning disks, labeling them and making sure you are keeping your data as up to date as possible is no longer an issue. With several software options you can schedule back-up times, use your web browser to view your files, or use simple ftp to save data.

For Business and Enterprise

Securely storing your critical business information is paramount to the success of any business today. Likewise, the need for easy access and updating of that same information is essential to the speed of today's business. World Wide Data has the solution you are looking for with our remote online data storage solution.

Burning countless CDs or still using outdated tape technology is no longer an issue. By using World Wide Data's software and storage network you will keep your information organized, safe and accessible. Simply schedule automated backups and they will be kept safely off site.

Effortlessly access your documents, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, media files, and any other digitally saved file from your account. Your data is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. World Wide Data's remote online storage network is the ideal way to backup and access your important business data.

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