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Safe and Secure Online Data Storage

FTP is easy to use on our network!

Unlike our competitors, World Wide Data provides free and easy software that allows you to use your favorite ftp or sftp software. There is no complicated server software to setup and you don’t need an IT professional to assist you. The World Wide Data FTP Proxy for Windows or Mac installs in seconds and runs seemlessly with your ftp software.

Advantages of using FTP with World Wide Data:
No complicated server software to setup
Storage space from 1 Gigabyte to multiple Terabytes available
Free FTP proxy (FTP proxy for Windows here or for Mac here)
Works with your favorite FTP software, (here is a list of tested and recommended ftp programs)
No IT professional needed
Unlimited bandwidth available
File size is limited only by the plan you sign up for
Safe and secure file storage and transfer with sftp
24/7 Support from our professional staff

Getting started is easy!

Here’s how:

1. Download and install our FTP proxy (FTP proxy for Windows here or for Mac here)

2. Run your favorite FTP software; here is a recommended list of ftp programs

3. Transfer and store your files seemlessly on our global network.

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