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Safe and Secure Online Data Storage
An Unusual Software and Storage Company

While most of the tech world builds more and more CD and DVD burners, more hard drives, and more removable media; World Wide Data believes there is a better solution. Keeping all those data files well organized and stored remotely offers greater benefits than traditional storage solutions.

We are a company dedicated to our customers and the future of technology. Our goal is to bring offsite data storage solutions to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

With the advent of Internet video and audio, growing volumes of data, and regulatory issues concerning the client data of medical, financial, and law professions; we here at World Wide Data thought it was time to focus our efforts to bringing cost effective solutions to data storage.

Part of that solution is to provide free easy to use software solutions to our customers. With World Wide Data's variety of software applications our customers can schedule back-ups, upload and download files via their favorite web browser or install a virtual drive on their computer. All this software is provided at no cost to our customers. You only pay for the actual storage you need.

It's that Simple!

World Wide Data goes a step further. Our customers can also choose to store their data files off continent. With storage facilities in the United States, London, and Hong Kong, customers can choose where in the world their data is stored.

We provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee and have a robust, secure network to bring you the safest, fastest, most reliable experience possible.

Give us a try! It's free for 2 weeks; we know you will never want to buy another CD or DVD for backing up your files.

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