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Safe and Secure Online Data Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online or remote backup service?
Online or remote backup is a way to safely store your important computer files in a remote location. The biggest reason for this is to protect against hard drive crashes, viruses, computer theft, fire, etc... Your files are safe and available 24 hours a day.

What services do you provide and why choose World Wide Data?
World Wide Data provides remote, online backup for your computer files. It is extremely important to keep an offsite copy of all files that are important to you. You should choose World Wide Data because we have one of the most robust storage networks in the world and we offer multiple ways to access your files. You can use your own backup software. You can use our backup widget. You can also use our FTP proxy program and finally, you can use a web browser from any computer to acess your files. We are the best choice because of safety and ease of access.

How fast does my internet connection need to be?
Any broadband internet connection such as a cable or DSL will work just fine with our service. The faster your connection, the faster you will be able upload, download and backup your computer.

Can I use my web browser to access my files?
Yes! Simply click here to log into your account.

Is the software included with my service?
You can access your files using a web browser, our backup widget or our FTP proxy program. You can find out more details on our free software here

How do I upload files?
Using a web browser, log into your account here, click "upload" in the upper right portion of the screen then click "browse" to select the file to upload. For more information on using our software and service, please visit our Support pages

How do I delete files?
Using a web browser, log into your account here, check the box next to the file you wish to delete and click "delete" in the upper right portion of the screen. For more information on using our software and service, please visit our Support pages.

How do I pay for my service?
Your service is billed every 30 days or the recurring length of time of your subscription i.e. quarterly, annually or other. The service is billed to your credit card on file. If you wish to choose another payment method simply login to your account billing area and change the method of payment, or contact our support department via the contact form here .

How do I change or cancel my service?
You can change your service by logging into your account and selecting a different service plan. If you wish to cancel your service, please email our support department via the contact form here.

Do I receive a refund for subscription time not used if I cancel my service?
Per our Terms of Service agreement, which you acknowledged when you signed up for your account, there are no refunds given for canceling before the end a subscription period.

EXAMPLE: You have a monthly $9.95 plan that renews on the 10th of each month. You contact us on May 12th to cancel your service. Your account renewed on May 10th so your account would be active until June 10th and there would be no refund for service from May 10th to June 10th. If you wanted your service to end on May 10th and not be billed for any further service, you would have had to notify us that you were canceling your account on or before May 10th.

You can check your account renewal date and status of your account by logging in here. If you have any questions regarding renewals or cancellations, please email our billing department via the contact form here.

Do I have to pay a separate bandwidth fee?
We do not charge a separate fee for the bandwidth used to transfer files back and forth to our storage network. Everything is included in your monthly fee. We do not have a specific quota on bandwidth, but we do reserve the right to set quotas in the rare case that a customer is abusing the service.

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